Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Scorch Trials Contest is Over! Who Won, and What Contest is Next??

We have some really good news for you!  Besides announcing the winner for our own ARC of James Dashner's Scorch Trials, we have another contest that will be launched either today or tomorrow.  Now there are a lot of great books out there that many of you want to read.  However, there are few that you ALL want to read.  For that reason, we have decided to give away a brand new copy of " Mockingjay " by Suzanne Collins! 

That's right, at least 1 copy will be given away if not more.  I went out yesterday to purchase my copy, and when I arrived home with it fresh in the Barnes and Noble bag, there was a nice package waiting for me from Scholastic with the Hunger Games symbol on the envelope.  They sent me a review copy! My misfortune turned into your fortune!  Also, I have bothered my friends at Scholastic to see if they are able to kick in another copy and maybe some swag.  So, not 100% sure about the additional copies, etc. but I definitely have 1 copy to give away.  I will make the contest rules up and have them posted shortly.  I guess at this point, you would like to know who won The Scorch Trials, huh???  I used to pick the winner and  well, the lucky winner of my very own ARC of James Dashner's Scorch Trials is......

Steve D

I will send you out an email to get your address or you can just email it to me at if you read this post first.

Thank you all very much for entering.  I wish I had a copy for each and every one of you.  Remember to check back in a day for the contest for Mockingjay.  Again, I have at least 1 copy (hardcover) to give away and hopefully more by the time I post the contest.

Thanks all!



  1. That's cool that they sent you a copy of Mockingjay. The timing is crazy! Alas, I've already ordered my copy on Amazon. Uhhh, as in I ordered it in June and they shipped it on Monday so it will be here sometime NEXT WEEK.

    But I can't complain. Sitting here is a brand new ARC of Scorch Trials and I've already started reading it. It's awesome.

    Have a great day everyone in the Lateiner gang!

  2. I would love to win The Scorch Trials book. Please include me.


  3. Well, I sure got that wrong, I must be tired. Now I would like to enter the Mockingjay contest.

    I did sign up for your e-mails so that's good.


  4. I'd like to be included, count me in!

  5. I would love to enter to win Mockingjay Thank you