Monday, August 30, 2010

CONTEST! Giveaway of a brand new copy of Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins


Alrighty guys and gals, here it is!  Only like the #1 Bestseller.  Ah, who really cares about the Hunger Games???  Oh, you do....  Why didn't you say so????  What was that? You would LOVE to win a copy of Mockingjay??  Ok, well tell ya what, we got one for ya right here.  The day I went out and bought a copy for myself, a nice, shiny one was waiting for me at my door for review.  That means I have an extra copy, and one of you will happily take it off my hands for me.

PLEASE read the entire contest post (oh come on, it's not that long)

The contest will end at 11:59pm on Sunday, October 3rd.  It's not too bad and the reason I picked that date is we are moving (yeah!) and that will be the first weekend in our new home.  I think it will be fun to kick off our new home by giving something away. 

It's pretty simple but you MUST follow our rules.  The first and most important one is that you MUST be a follower of our site.  To clarify a "follower" you must be a signed up member through google friend connect.  It is located on the right side bar of our site and it says "Follow" where you need to click if you are not already following.  When I pick a winner, I will verify you are following and if you are not, I will pick another winner.  Rule 2- I need your email address.  Please either leave it in your entry or if you prefer, you can email it to me directly at  Rule 3- tell me what country you are in because I am making this open to anyone with an address anywhere! Pretty easy, right?

Here's how you get your entries:

+2 if you are an existing follower

+1 if you are a new follower

+5 if you blog, tweet, facebook a link, charter a plane to fly a banner up and down your street, etc. about the contest.  AND link back to it in your entry

+5 for FOR YOU for EACH person that signs up as a new follower, enters the contest, and says in their entry that you sent them (Time to call in that favor they owe you!)


+5 for guessing correctly which YA, fairly new series (a yearish old) I have left a clue for somewhere in this posting.  PLEASE do not say what the clue is. Just tell me the author's name and any of the books in the series and for everyone who is correct I will personally add the +2 on when I am tallying up the entries for

There are your ways to enter.  I just wanna tell you shanks why I am such a stickler with the whole "following" thing.  Many of my review copies and most of my giveaway copies of the book I get are provided by publishers to me.  The more people following our site, the more they send, the more I can do for you guys as far as reviews, contests, etc.  It's  really marketing for these publishers and that's fine, it a business world out there.  So, it would help me out a lot if you guys followed (and help you out too if you are the winner!)  I did decide that I am going to review Mockingjay in a few weeks.  I read it right away of course and loved it.  I just think it will be nice for me to put a review up for you guys in a few weeks.  For making you guys wait until Oct 3rd for the contest to be over, I have a  surprise.  Scholastic is supposed to be sending me a bunch of Mockingjay swag.  If they do, I will randomly choose people to win throughout the contest.  I will email you if you are chosen (hence leaving the email in the entry).  Lastly, I pick the contest winner by using as always.

As always, feel free to contact me if you have any questions, concerns, or just to shoot the breeze at

**UPDATE- Tues 8/31**

Today I received a bag of (Hunger Games Series) pins and tattoos as well as a copy of Mockingjay from Scholastic for the giveaway.  So, just a quick update, the giveaway copy of Mockingjay is provided by Scholastic and I received no monetary compensation for the contest, promoting the book, or reviewing it.  Also, for the few of you who already entered, I added another opportunity to gain 2 extra entries above.  For those of you who entered prior to the update, ending with "Susan" at 11:40am on August 31st, 2010 I will automatically give you each the +2.

Good Luck!!



  1. Here to shoot the breeze.... I finally got my copy of Mockingjay from Amazon today. Hmmm, but I'm not going to give it away. No way.

    Hope you all are doing great!

  2. I am a GFC follower

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

    In the good ole USA

  3. Sorry Dave, I already bought me a copy. Suzanne Collins is coming to the local library tomorrow, and I'm planning on meeting her with her book in my hands. ^_^

    She's not going to sign it, 'cause something's the matter with her hand or something, but she'll stamp it, and maybe we'll get a picture together. I'm so excited!!! I'll blog about it later.

    Hope the contest is a hit, though. Good luck to the entrants!

  4. I am a newer follower. cparkins14
    I live in the U.S
    I tweeted about this awesome giveaway!
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  5. I would love to read this.
    I already am a gfc follower. +2
    I am in the US

  6. +2 I am an old follower. I am from India.
    Total 17

  7. + 2 existing follower!

    I would LOVE to read Mockingjay! Thanks!

    From Malaysia.

    + 5 Tweeted:

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  8. +2 existing follower
    +5 I blogged about this contest-

    And I am planning on inviting people to enter. But as of right now, I have 7 total. :-)
    You rock, Dave!

  9. Brayden invited me to enter this contest

  10. I am a follower and email subscriber. Please enter me in contest. I would love to read this series. Please enter me in contest.

  11. I'm not entering the contest, since Scholastic very kindly sent me a copy of MOCKINGJAY, but I wanted to tell you that you won an ARC of FIRELIGHT by Sophie Jordan on my blog. Click on over to for all the details. Thanks!

  12. +2 existing follower

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  13. +2 if you are an existing follower
    +5 tweeted

    I am in Jamaica.

  14. This would easily make my year :D

    +2 existing follower

    And I wanted to find the clue. I just couldn't. xD

    kayla3194 at gmail dot com
    From the US of A

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  16. +2 I am an existing follower
    +5 I wasn't sure if I was supposed to put the authors name up on here but his initials are J.D. and the initials for the series are T.M.R. Does that count?
    +5 I blogged about it!

    Hope I win!!!!

  17. I'm a follower


  18. +2 Existing Follower
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    +5 Guess: Author's name: Suzanne Collins
    Books in Series: Catching Fire and Mockingjay

    Thank you,

    Christine W.

  19. plus 2: existing follower
    Maybe plus 5?: I buzzed about this contest, but for some reason Google won't let me link it. So it probably doesn't count. Oh well.

    Aliah E.

  20. +2 previously a follower
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    +5 James Dashner...?

  21. thank you! Malaysia, feeyonachan at gmail dot com

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    total: 11

    thank you :D

  22. +2 previously a follower.

    You referenced James Dashner, The Maze Runner.


    United Kingdom.

  23. New follower.
    Aliah E. told me to enter.

  24. I would LOVE to win a copy of Mockingjay
    +2 if you are an existing follower
    +5 James Dashner, The Maze Runner

    mittens0831 at aol dot com

  25. Email
    New follower.
    No cue what the book is, but it can't hurt to guess. The hunger games by uzzane Collins?

    P.S.Aliah E. told me to enter.

  26. New follower as of 10 seconds ago. Hadn't heard about this contest before then either. And guess who told me to enter! Aliah E. Any way my email address is

  27. I'd love to play please.

    +2 if you are an existing follower
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  28. I am a new follower.

    I was sent by My Love Affair with Books.

    Clue: James Dashner the Maze Runner?

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  29. Thanks for the fantastic giveawya!

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