Monday, October 11, 2010

Author Interview- James Dashner - The Scorch Trials Book 2 in the Maze Runner Trilogy!

Interview with James Dashner
Author of The Scorch Trials
book 2 of The Maze Runner Trilogy

Tlgbrs: Dash, I gotta ask, what's it feel like going from an accountant with a dream to a NYT Best Selling author??

Dash: Indescribable. I'm glad I had my experience as an accountant (croak, cough, puke) so I could appreciate it all more. I'm one lucky guy.
Tlgbrs: If I'm correct, the Maze Runner was supposed to be a stand alone initially. At what point did you realize that you had a trilogy on your hands?

Dash: Actually, this story has ALWAYS been envisioned as a trilogy. Random House bought the first book, then the sequels just a few months later.
Tlgbrs: In Scorch Trials, we learn a lot about WICKED.  Would you say, in your opinion that overall, WICKED is "GOOD?"

Dash: Excellent question. If there's one central theme or moral question in this trilogy, it can be summed up by that phrase. Is WICKED good or bad? It's certainly not black or white.
Tlgbrs: You are going on a big tour for the release of Scorch Trials.  What is it about visiting all those cities that gets you most excited?

Dash: Easily my favorite thing about touring is meeting my readers. I can't imagine that's something you ever get tired of.
Tlgbrs: Your other series that I personally love is "The 13th Reality" books with our Realitant hero, Atticus (Tick).  What can you tell us about the release of the next book in the series? 

Dash: Book 4 of The 13th Reality is scheduled to come out next summer (2011). The hardbacks are published by Shadow Mountain (publisher of Fablehaven) and the paperbacks by Simon & Schuster/Aladdin. The fourth book is called The Void of Mist and Thunder.
Tlgbrs:  Besides the 2 series you are currently working on, do you have any other ideas that you are starting to toy around with or are you going to wait until these 2 are done before creating the next masterpiece?

Dash: Masterpiece, huh? I like the sound of that. I'm already working on my next trilogy to follow up The Maze Runner. But it's top secret!
Tlgbrs: What type of support do you get at home? What I mean is, are your wife and kids the first who go through your work? Are they your toughest critics?

Dash: They are a HUGE support! My wife is always my first reader, and she's very good at it. And my kids just love the concept of their dad being an author.
Tlgbrs: Our signature question- Besides beating up old ladies in a park what would you, James Dashner do for a Klondike bar?

Dash: That's easy. I'd climb Mt. Everest dressed like a gorilla and slide down the glacier on my head while singing "Grandma got run over by a reindeer." Duh.

Well, there ya have it.  I'll tell you what is great about Dashner, and I've said it before.  The guy really does care for his fans and knows where his roots are.  Last year for the release of Maze Runner, James had promised me months earlier I could be his first interview on release day.  I was thrilled when he kept that promise.  I asked again this year for my new "standing" release day interview reservation, (say that 5 times fast!) gave him the questions WAY too late for anyone's taste, (don't forget, we are in the middle of moving) and he delivers.  Awesome Dash.  So, tomorrow is the official release of The Scorch Trials (found wherever books are sold -  I've always wanted to write that!) and here is the official Scorch Trials interview with Dashner.  Those of you know know him will see that the questions I asked were geared towards giving you some info that maybe you have not seen elsewhere or heard before, or info that is not the "usual."

On a side note, I will announce the winner of the copy of Mockingjay in the next few days.  The contest ended but we are dead smack in between homes and I need some time to unpack the book before I can send it out.  Once we get settled in our new home within a week or 2, I will be posting a ton of reviews and interviews that I have been piling up the last few weeks.  One I can not wait to bring you is the review of the new book in the Time Riders series, "Day of the Predator" by Alex Scarrow.  I had reviewed book 1 recently and was given the pleasure to review book 2 in the series, which is only out this year in the UK!  Thanks Penguin UK!

Thanks for checking us out and as always, any questions feel free to email me at  By the way, who's that stud with Dashner in the pic below????