Sunday, May 2, 2010

Book Review: "The 13th Reality - The Blade of Shattered Hope" by James Dashner

The 13th Reality
A Blade of Shattered Hope
James Dashner

Tick felt a pulse of energy sweeping through the air, through his skin, rattling his insides like a tuning fork.  He could sense it's source, just like he could tell from which direction he heard a radio or piano playing.


Again and again.
It was coming from the basement.


James Dashner..... a literary genius?  Yes, I am prejudice to Dash, but if you are a "real" fan you totally get me.  If you are not, I think it's time you take a look at him.  His 13th Reality series (currently reviewing book 3 out of.... 5 I think) is just the tip of the iceberg.  The Maze Runner trilogy is going to rock-rock-rock the house, and that's a promise! Ok, back to 13th...

For those of you who have not read books 1 and 2 of the series,  I will give you a veeeeeerryy basic recap of the situation- Tick (main guy with a huge amt of Dashner's version of "The Force," called Chi'karda) and his 2 best buds are part of this secret organization that goes through the 13 different realities (basically 12 other versions of our "now"... ya know like 12 other Dave's floating around in 12 alternate realities) fighting bad bad people like Mistress Jane (female Darth Vadar personality and Tick's arch enemy).  Through a host of other characters that Dashner has done a great job of bringing to life, you are kept on your toes almost every single page.  Now, about the 13th 3- Blade of Shattered Hope:

I have absolutely loved the first 2 in the series.  They have been easy to read and seriously, Dashner does put some sort of action on each and every page.  If you go to his site, you can find a recent interview about his 7 steps to writing or something similar.  I think it was either the last post or the one before that.  I recently read through them and then looked to the 13th 3 to see whether he followed his own rules or not.  He did, and I do believe he hit all 7 with just the right amount of umph... 

Tick has a big role in this one.  Not that he hasn't saved the day every other time he needed to, but this one has a bunch of twists and turns.  Biggest twist (NOT A SPOILER) is that I thought for sure the "Blade of Shattered Hope" would be something Tick faces at the very end of the book to either save the world or see the end.  It wasn't.  It is introduced early on in the book and when something goes wrong with it (It's a weapon of mass destruction basically) a whole new plot is uncovered.  Great work.  The same old characters- Master George, Paul, Sophia, The Higginbottoms, Rutger and of course Mothball (ooh..get to meet her parents in this one!) are seen in the Blade, and all have stepped it up and taken on some huge responsibility.  

In my opinion, the best part of 13th (AGAIN, NOT A SPOILER) is how Dashner gave each of the characters a main function in the book as well as individual character growth that really got me deeper into each.  Each one needed the other and through pure teamwork, they fight Mistress Jane with her most devious plan of all time.  All paths lead to her "Factory" where some weeeeeirrrddd stuff is going down.  While there, Tick must convince Mistress Jane to actually team up with the in order to save the world.... And I mean world-  All 13 realities are in danger of being wiped out of existence if they don't.  Needless to say, Dashner has progressed very well in the series and just when I thought he could not possibly have a better story for book 4-- BAM!!!  (just like Emeril! BAM!! BAM!! sorry had to get it out of my system).... leaves you looking on B& for the release date of his next one.  (At least I did)

There is a really cool website that Dashner had set up that is ALL about the 13th Reality series.  If you have not read any of his books, I highly suggest getting book 1 of the 13th Reality as well as Maze Runner.  You can check out his 13th Reality site by going to  Another great job Dashner.  Did not fail to please.



  1. Yay for the Dash! I'm going to have to get caught up with the 13th Reality. Thanks for sharing your review with us. I'm gonna have to get my hands on this book!

  2. Man, you make this book sound ultra-exciting. Which I'm sure it is. ^_^

    You spoiled nothing, but your review is truly awesome! It makes me wish I had the Blade of Shattered Hope in my hands right now! I think it's better than the review you gave for James's Maze Runner.

    You should be proud of yourselves. You'll be giving James a whole lot of good publicity with this shiny review. ^_~