Tuesday, October 6, 2009

An Interview With James Dahner, Author of "The Maze Runner" released 10/6/2009

In just a few short hours, the moment we have been waiting for has finally arrived...The release of "The Maze Runner" by James Dashner.  I was able to interview James and it brings me great pleasure to share some of his thoughts with you all.

As most of  you know, I am a huge fan and have been waiting for this for a long time. I LOVED "The Maze Runner" and in my opinion, it will become the "Lord of the Flies" of the 21st Century! James is also the author of another awesome series, "The 13th Reality." I am a huge fan of that as well. Let us chat a bit and find out some more about "The Maze Runner" and some more about you James....Shall we?

tlgbrs: When writing " The Maze Runner", did you already have the whole story in your mind, or was it an idea that you built on as you wrote?

JD: The initial idea came to me in a rush one night, keeping me up very late, jotting down all kinds of thoughts and plotlines. It grew from there, especially when I came up with a certain twist that made me turn it into a trilogy

tlgbrs: You've put in all the "hard, grunt" work to get to where you are. Where do you think "Maze" will land you as far as your status as an author?

JD: Well, that's hard to say, but I do have two goals: hit the NY Times list and go to a 2nd printing. We shall see!

tlgbrs: Besides obviously continuing "The Maze Runner" series and "The 13th Reality" series, do you have anything else you are currently working on? If so, can you talk a bit about it?

JD: Not really, though I have ideas pop in my head all the time. When those 2 series are done, it'll be so fun to begin something completely new.

tlgbrs: Is there a book/story/idea you have ALWAYS known that will be your "best seller" of all time? Is "The Maze Runner" "IT?"

JD: I've had a great feeling about MAZE since the beginning. Mainly because it's so unique.

tlgbrs: Do you do any research at all when writing, or is everything concocted in that brilliant mind of yours?

JD: Brilliant? Ha! I do research when I have to, but not a whole lot. I like to make up my own research!

tlgbrs: Maze, 13th, and even Fincher are all part of a series. Have you any plans/thoughts of writing a stand alone novel?

JD: I definitely want to do a stand alone novel. One that I really want to write is something I describe as Pinocchio meets The Matrix, but it's way better than it sounds! haha. Kind of a dark, virtual reality, coming of age, journey story. We'll see.

tlgbrs: This one is the question we ask everyone we interview. What would you, James Dashner, do for a Klondike Bar??

JD: Well, unfortunately, I'm not much of a sweet tooth. But I'd run over three grandmas for a bag of Doritos.

James, Thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak with you. Today, Tuesday October 6th, 2009 the soon to be smash hit, " The Maze Runner" will hit the shelves. This is one you will not want to pass up! Do yourself a favor and go pick up a copy! To check out  the review we did for "The Maze runner" a few months back, click HERE. (does not contain spoilers!) 

James is currently touring for "The Maze Runner."  For a list of his tour dates and locations, click HERE. 

Lastly, to check out James' blog site, click  HERE. 



  1. Great interview. This sounds like a fantastic book. How many are expected in the series? Run over three grandmas, he's funny.

  2. Elnice,

    From what I understand, there will be 3 books in the series. It was supposed to be 1 book, but James had an idea at the end which allowed him to twist it to a series. Again, that is what I heard. Book 2, which is undergoing edits now is titled "The Scorch Trials" for now and should probably be released in a year I suppose.


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  4. Hey, great interview gang!

  5. James Dashner interview?! Yay! I've been waiting a long time for this. ^__^ Way to go, tlgbrs, for asking all the right questions. And of course, way to go Dash for giving such great answers!

    I really hope James gets to writing that Pinnochio/Matrix story. Sounds like it has huge potential of awesomeness already!

    ...run over three grandmas for a bag of Doritos... *giggle!* He's hilarious!

  6. Thanks for the interview! It's good to know what famous people's weaknesses are. Doritos. You never know when you're going to need to seriously bribe someone.

    Dave, maybe you should bring a snack size bag to NY with you. Should have asked what his favorite flavor was.

  7. Hey Latieners! Sorry to steal your thunder, but I've recently posted my own James Dashner interview! I'm so excited! ^_^ Come check it out!


  8. Magenta,

    Great job on the interview! I saw it earlier but am home sick and couldn't comment before. I loved the questions! Very original. You might want to email Dashner as ALL reviews AND interviews have to be emailed to his publicist. I had to send mine even though it was independent of them and also I have to send my review even though it was 2 months ago.

    Look into it for yourself.



  9. I loved your last question...how fun!

  10. Enjoyed the interview! Just picked up my copy of The Maze Runner today. Very excited to start reading it!

    Will have to remember to bring a bag of Doritos if I ever get to meet James at a book signing or con! *L*

  11. Great Interview. I have Maze Runner on my review pile. I cant wait to read it, sounds like a great book.