Saturday, October 17, 2009

Barnes & Noble Panel Discussion 10/15/09

Barnes & Noble Panel Discussion
New York City, NY

Last night, we went to the Dashner signing in NY.  Well, if we are being fair, it was actually a panel discussion with Scott Westerfeld ( The Uglies, Leviathan), Michael Grant (Gone, Hunger), Carrie Ryan (The Forrest of Hands and Teeth) , and DASH ( you all know what Dash writes!).

The Gang trekked through 40 degree weather (cold for NY around this time...Bbbrrrr), the tail end of a Noreaster, and the New York Subways!! ( Yuck!)  for Dash and the rest of the crew.  We LOVED to see Scott Westerfeld, as Dave is reading "Leviathan" currently, and Michael Grant "Gone and Hunger are in the soon TBR pile for Dave and Lauryn",  and discovered a new author Carrie Ryan, her new book sounds awesome!

Each author had a chance to explain what their book was about and then at the end, field a bunch of questions from the audience.  What was really cool was watching the expression of amazement and wonderment on Dash's face when he got a taste of a true New Yorker.  About halfway through the discussion, this little old man (around 80 is our guess) comes in and tries to sit in an empty isle seat.  The woman sitting in the second seat in tells him quietly that the seat is taken and her boyfriend who stepped out for a minute and would be right back.  True to form, the guy starts to curse the lady out and demand that he take the seat.  Finally, the Barnes and Noble staff came over and escorted the man to a new seat in the very front row.  Dash, if you read this, I saw the look on your face... it wasn't bad at all, just more of a "what the heck is going on over there" look.  Welcome to NY buddy!

So, we had a bunch of fun and after Q & A, we got to see the "Maze Runner" trailer.  Talk about awesome....Dave told James later on that there was no doubt that it got him super excited to see the movie.  Then he remembered the trailer was for the book.  Now it is out on the B & N  site and if you click HERE and then click on "BRIGHTON LINGE", the creator of the trailer, you can watch it also.  We would suggest taking a peek as it is worth it.  When you are done MAKE SURE YOU VOTE FOR THE VIDEO AT THE TOP OF THE TRAILER SCREEN!

OK, so the best part....after James signed every one of his books he ever wrote for us (sorry James!  You should have expected nothing less!) James asked us to stick around until the signing was over for a few minutes of chatting and some pics.  After all, Dave has been on his case about it since we found out he was actually coming to NY.  Not only was Dash awesome on the panel, but he was a really nice guy as well. He was SUPER cool to our daughters. The girls remembered that he loved Doritos, so they insisted upon getting him a bag for a snack after the evening was over.  Lauryn, who just read his book for a book report promised James she would email him a copy of the report and the ENTIRE way home (with perma-grin) could not stop telling us that she is going to put the picture they took together on the cover of her report and how that would make her report the "coolest" in the class.  Thank you James for your kindness, and we think Lauryn might be one of, if not your youngest fans.

We really enjoyed our evening.  It was a ton of fun to not only see Dash, but to see the few other authors that we really respect and love their work.  We took a few pictures of them throughout the evening and will let you check them out if we can.  We actually took a bunch more, but with the cell phone ones, we had a hard time emailing them to the computer later on, so we just stuck with the digi cam shots.

Yes, these are mostly shots of us with Dash, but hey, we told you we went there to see him!  If we can get the shots of the other guys off the Blackberrys, we promise to post them.


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With the end of a new contest, well, you know what our goal always have at least one contest running all the time.  No promises that we won't have a few occasions where we have a few days lapse, but we haven't let you down yet.  SO...Catching Fire out, what's coming in?

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So, keep your eyes peeled and get ready... THE BIG ONE IS COMING!

We will hopefully get a few more reviews up in the next few days and then after the contest begins, there will be plenty of reading and plenty of reviewing going on, so don't go too far away.

Thanks also goes out to our site's gang of readers.  Without you also, our site would be a very lonely one!  We appreciate each and every one of you.

Lastly, we have a few author interviews coming up over the next few weeks as well.  They are all great authors so we hope you will stop by and read those also.

We thank you very much and hope to be seeing you all here in a few days!!



  1. Sounds like an awesome day. Kinda jealous that you got to meet Scott westerfeld but thats so cool.

  2. Scott was a ton of fun. He actually had this funky coat on that made him sort of look like he was right out of "Leviathan." Pretty cool. When we went up to get his Johnny Hancock, he apologized to our girls for his "potty mouth." We thought that was hysterical!

  3. Sounds like you had a great day! Your daughter is going to have a great cover for her bookreport. Looking forward to you coming attractions.

    didn't Carrie ryan write forest of hands and teeth?

  4. You guys sound like you had the awesomest time! ^_^ Seeing James Dashner and all those other authors... But mostly getting to meet the Dash! Yeah, you ought to know that I'm jealous too.

    Funny story about the New Yorker. =P Pushy guy. Well, I guess it got him a front seat, so whatever rocks his boat...

    I saw the trailer. The guys look older than I expected. =P Made it seem really dark.

    The pictures came out great! The girls look adorable posing with James. ^_^ Ha ha, super-congratz, Lauryn. Your book report will get top-grade with that pic.

    Hee hee hee. You guys know that I can't wait for you to start the Mega-contest. It'll be awesome. ^_^ Good luck to whoever wins Catching Fire, too.

    I continue to look forward to reading your book reviews. You guys are great, Gang.


  5. Poor Carrie- she wrote The Forrest of Hands and Teeth. It's my favorite debut novel this year. Sounds like you had a great time. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  6. Thanks for sharing your adventure! So cool of James to ask you to hang out afterwards, and pose for pictures with you. It's nice to hear about authors that like to interact with their fans.

    Looking forward to your upcoming reviews! And be sure to let us know how Lauryn's book report turns out!