Sunday, October 25, 2009

FOLLOWER # 250... WE HAVE A WINNER! & Some New Contest Info.

MARC, You are the 250th!

250 followers is worthy of a prize, isn't it? Marc, we are going to give you a copy of "Rock'N'Roll Soldier" by Dean Ellis Kohler, provided to us by Harper Collins.
Please email us at with your mailing info.


We have some good news for you all.  We have added Simon and Schuster as well as Little Brown & Co. to our list of publishers that are going to be contributing to our already huge pile of giveaway books!  As well, we are currently working on a few local Barnes & Noble stores who have agreed to donate some books and other prizes!  The pile keeps getting bigger and bigger!  I guess that means we will be giving out more prizes and books throughout the contest as well as at the end.  We have never seen a contest like that before and it sounded like a fun idea to us, so we thought we'd run with it.  Keep checking back as you never know when or what the reason, but there will be plenty more coming up!

Tomorrow is the next issue of our "Sunday Scoop" and for those of you who are fairly new, you should check it out.  It is where we talk a little business, a little about our lives, and a little about whatever is on our mind.  It might also be a good place where we give things away.

Lastly, keep your eyes open as we are planning a few new reviews tomorrow!

Thanks to all of your out there for your support.  We look forward to making the next 28 days fun and exciting for you guys.  Keep in mind, the more people you go out and get to sign up for the contest, the more entries you can earn! 

The Lateiner Gang


  1. 250 followers? I'd say that deserves a prize! Congrats, Marc! ^_^

    Ooh, so many books to give away... that sounds very exciting!

    Can't wait for tomorrow's Sunday Scoop. And those new reviews.

    Keep up the good work, Lateiners! Getting more prizes, followers... and awesome gadgets! I like that rotating awards thing. ^_^

    Ha ha. I'm the first to comment!

  2. Congrats Alex!! Wow this contest is HUGE. Thanks for all the opportunities!

  3. Congrats on the win Marc!

    Congratulations on 250 followers!


    For Being the first to congratulate us on 250 followers, please go into the contest post and well, since you can not give yourself 2.5 entries, and we like rounding up, please give yourself 3 extra entries for being the first to comment on the post!

    You have been the next 4 out of the first 5 comments on the 250 followers. Please go into the contest post and give yourself each 1 extra entry. I will email you all as a reminder. Thanks for the support!


  5. So, to turn that many blogs do you follow?

  6. Raspberry,

    We had a bunch of blogs followed under our different names. Also, we HAD a column with the "links to friend's sites" but we just took it down and replaced it with the scrolling buttons. Since everyone is gravitating towards buttons, we thought it would be a great way for us to "catch up" on all the people who have started following our site and become a follower in return. We consider it a fresh start. It's going to be fun AND it looks a whole lot cleaner. The list was getting long on the sidebar, so this is a great, neat way to do it going forward.



  7. Thanks for awarding me 3 entries. ^_^ I commented on the post you told me to, so you know.

  8. Now you're up to 250! It just keeps growing by leaps and bounds!