Wednesday, August 19, 2009


First of all, we want to thank you guys so much for sharing our site with us. You have made our site a ton of fun for us to do, seriously.

1. Just under 19 days left until we pick our winners for Maze and Alvor!!! Our personal goal was to have at least 50 followers by then, and at the rate we have been growing, we are on track. Keep up whatever you guys are doing to help spread the word about us because it is working (well, plus you get more entries for the contests of course)

2. We are going to try and give the site a "face lift" this weekend. We have been toying with different ways to make it look cooler, instead of this boiler plate page. We did add a 3rd column, but are probably going to wait until we update the site's appearance before adding anything else to it.....anything ELSE??? we added something to the 3rd column??? HELLO, (knock knock) PEOPLE..... we finally got a real pic of "The Lateiner Gang" up there instead of that silly stick figure drawing at the bottom of the page. Anyway, don't freak when we change the site. Different look, same gang.

3. Sami is due for her first review. At 9, our biggest dilemma has been which book she should choose to review. We nicely explained that if she doesn't choose one soon, she will be 10 before her first review. Mara is working on 2 new books as we speak. Lauryn is almost done with the last "Twilight", but isn't sure which book to review and Dave, well, being the reading/reviewing MoNsTeR that he is (did I make it too obvious that I wrote this post??) is reading about 5 different books right now, which he has never done before and actually remembering the story line in each one! However, this weekend, when that crisp new copy of 'Legacy" comes, all else will be cast aside and the goal is to have it done before the start of work Monday morning, this way we can get those interview questions over to Cayla ASAP. (And yes, Laura, you have taught me a new way to read, just simply stay up all night and go to work like a zombie! I'm just teasing as I know how bad you felt) Remember HOPEFULLY this weekend, a new look to the site. Check back and see you soon!

One more thing, since it is crazy to write out if you want to contact us, we made it easier and abbreviated to (aren't we lucky no one had taken up tlgbrs over at gmail or you'd be stuck typing that whole long email address) It will stay active, but we are guessing that it wont get much action for much longer.

The Lateiner Gang


  1. Okay, 1: I cannot wait for the Alvor contest to end! Congrats on getting so many followers. ^,^
    2: You guys really look cute all together like that!
    And 3: I never heard of Cayla Kluver, but that's awesome that she wrote and was able to publish a book already at 16. ^_^ And you make Legacy sound sooo fascinating too... I will definitely check this out. A contest for a few copies of Kluver's book would be really cool! So would an interview with this young author! ^,^

    Good luck with writing your first review here soon, Sami. I can't wait to here what you like to read. ^_~

  2. Hey, I've just been researching Cayla Kluver. She really does sound like a cool person. I read an interview she did on another blog, and her apparent style of getting writing done reminds me soooo much of mine! I like her already. ^,^ I may not know any more of what Legacy is about, but I'm still going to pay attention for it. And I can't wait for your chance to interview this girl. She really is cool-sounding.

    BTW, Cayla reminded me of another young author of a neat book series I should recommend to you. Nancy Yi Fan, a Chinese-American girl who wrote Swordbird, and it's prequel, Sword Quest. She also started writing extremely young, so she's like one of those idols to me. I heard somewhere that there will be a third book, Sword Mountain or something... but I read the first two books, and they were really good. Keep an eye out for those. ^,~