Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Well, our site has been off to a good start so far. We have some exciting news. We will be interviewing 3 different authors in the upcoming months. First will be Laura Bingham, with her awesome debut novel "Alvor", which is a story about a set of twins who find a cabin in the woods near their home that is actually an entrance to a magical world! Laura has been kind enough to send me at least 1 SIGNED copy of "Alvor" to give away as a contest! (Thanks Laura!). As I told Laura, "Alvor" has DISNEY written all over it to me, but what do I know??

Next we have an interview with Jeanne DuPrau, bestselling author of "The City Of Ember" amongst many other books, including the rest of the Ember series. Jeanne's "City Of Ember" was released by 20th Century fox as a major motion picture starring Bill Murray in October of 2008. Jeanne is currently working on more projects that I'm sure many fans can not wait for her to complete. Jeanne has offered up a copy of "The Diamond Of Darkhold", which is the 4th and final book of The Ember series. Thanks Jeanne!

Finally for our third interview, probably in late October/early November, to promote his new book released on October 6th 2009 titled "The Maze Runner", someone who has been very kind to me, Mr. James Dashner himself. Jame's earlier work includes a series of books called "The Fincher Saga" as well as more recently, 2 books in his series titled "The 13th Reality", of which both I became immediate HUGE fans of. I have had a chance to read an ARC of "The Maze Runner" and as I have said before, I would be willing to bet almost anything that this book takes the place of "Lord Of The Flies" in every school from middle school up to college as required reading. I wouldn't be surprised if it became a box office smash either. James, if you can get Robert Pattinson to star in it, do you think I can take my daughters to the premier??? I am going to see if I can get a book for a contest for James, but as of now, no promises on that one.

So, THE CONTESTS....That is what I'm sure is most appealing to many of you. I am waiting for books to arrive from the authors as we speak. I was going to do the usual, twitter +1, blog +1 blah blah blah, but even though we are on twitter, no time to post there and I really don't think anyone cares what we do all day. I probably will ask for posting, but since we are a new site, I'm thinking more about advertising our site and getting the word out. So yes, the posting, putting a link to our site on yours, joining ours will be included, but we will probably give the most entries for every time you blog about our contest and site on someone else's blog. Maybe even a point if they come enter the contest and mention you sent them. These are just ideas. If you have any, please share them, but keep in mind that we do want to get our site out there and also want to spread the info on these 3 awesome authors. We like creativity! The only other thing is I am waiting for the books to arrive, so I can not start the contests until I get them, and also, having only a few followers (YOU ARE ALL SO MUCH APPRECIATED!!), we want to get some more signed up....

So, we promised contests and they are here (well, almost) but we ask you to be patient with us for the first few as we "get our feet wet". Thanks guys and you are all always appreciated! Oh lastly, don't forget our pet peeve, if you post, try and just tell us of a favorite book you have recently read, currently reading, or plan on reading. Our #1 goal for this site is to share our love for reading and suggestions are the best way to do that! Thanks All!!!

The Lateiner Gang
David, Mara, Lauryn, and Sami


  1. Thats cool... I will Put your blog address on my blog but no one reads that so i dont know if there is much point and I am already following you so...

  2. Helllooo.

    Thanks for recommending ur sight for contests, Dave...I'm a 'book nutter' and I'm always happy to accept a free book if I can get my hands on one.

    You said to tell you about books we're reading/going to read or have read recently or soon, so here goes:

    I recently read New Moon by Stephanie Meyer. Really good if you like the Twilight books.

    I am reading The Rolling Stones (aka Space Family Stone) by Robert A. Heinlein. It's a science fiction adventure novel, written and published in the early 1950's. Really good, but a little bit difficult, because it's old, ya know?

    I'm planning on soon reading Howl's Moving Castle by Dianna Wynne Jones. I've never read any of her stuff before, but I've heard loads of good stuff about her, and this book inparticular. If it helps, there's an anime movie with Christian Bale doing the voice of Howl. :D

  3. Dave- all I can say is how cool it is that you put me in a line up with James and Jeanne. I mean, they're big time.

    Okay, I broke down and bought a new book tonight. I was going to wait, but then I thought that my chances of meeting the author next week was pretty good, so maybe I should actually read her book before I met her.

    It's The Hourglass Door by Lisa Mangum- and I haven't even started reading it.

    But, I was reading today, From the End of Heaven by Chris Stewart- the Great and Terrible series. I love his stuff.

    And I am almost done with Airman by Eoin Colfer. I've got like 40 pages left. Good read. Totally recommend it.

    And, I like the Percy Jackson & the Olympians by Rick Riordan. I read the first quarter of the latest book at Hastings last week during a book signing.

  4. Oh I am SO going to win that copy of 'Alvor'!!! Totally exciting!

  5. Wow Dave, I sure can't wait to hear more rules about these contests! Especially the Alvor one!
    (This is because, A: I already read all the Books of Ember, so someone else can win the 4th book, B: I'm already waiting for my Maze Runner ARC to show up, and C: Laura's book sounds sooo cool, and I want her signature!!!)

    I also am eager to see the results of these author interviews. You're so lucky, getting to talk with these famous people!

    If you're looking for more book suggestions, have you heard of the Bone graphic novels? The characters are really cute and funny, and there are 9 books in the series.

    Oh, and you have got to read the Pendragon series. I insist highly that you do. Lots of books are supposed to be the next Harry Potter, but I think this series really takes the cake. The last one came out pretty recently. And if you need to get warmed up to it, I recommend the graphic novel of the first book, Merchant of Death.