Sunday, December 6, 2009


So you guys wanted TLGBRS to top their Mega Contest?  Well how about that "Nook" we have been talking about....

So here's the deal.  We had a private donor for a Nook for you guys, (and they will be available for another contest later on) but then we got to thinking... Hhmmm, wouldn't it be nice to get someone connected to the industry to sponsor our SUPER CONTEST Giveaway for a Brand New Nook????  Someone who  has lived the dream of making it to the top!  

Well, who did we get?  We got an author that we have reviewed on our site before.  One who is going to be featured on our site throughout the contest.  One who wrote an awesome book that debuted on the New York Times Best Seller List!!

So, WHO IS IT????????

Well, she wrote the awesome book "Hush, Hush" and has part 2 of the series, "Crescendo" scheduled to come out in 2010.  Still don't know???  It's NYT Best Selling author Becca Fitzpatrick!

Thats right, Becca is going to sponsor our SUPER CONTEST where we will give away one brand new Barnes and Noble NOOK!

We will be re publishing our review of "Hush, Hush" sometime this week with the start of the SUPER CONTEST!  There will be an interview with Becca, as she will be featured on our site for the duration of the contest, which means some mini contests where we give away some copies of "Hush, Hush"! If you have read "Hush, Hush" then you know how awesome the book was and why it deserved to debut where it did.  If you have not yet read it, we will make it worth your while to do so! 

Now, there is some solid news for you guys!  Thanks Becca for agreeing to do this for TLGBRS and our fans!  We are SOOO appreciative.

More to come this week.  We are currently working out the details with Becca and will have the contest started real soon!  

Thanks to Becca Fitzpatrick and to all of you out there for allowing us to do what we love!

Dave, Mara, Lauryn, and Sami



  1. wow thats really generous of her.MS.Fitzpatrick you are awesome and so are you guys tlg.

  2. Becca Fitzpatrick is pretty much made of awesome!! Hush, Hush was the first book I reviewed on my blog, so it's really exciting to see that she's working with the Lateiner Gang to give away a Nook.

  3. oh how fun. I must enter this contest and yay Becca. Love her.


  4. I'm SO excited for this one! And Becca is definitely a good author. I couldn't believe that Hush, Hush was her debut novel! You guys are awesome! :)

  5. Thanks guys for the kind words. Isn't Becca awesome?? She is one who cares much about her fans and readers. That is one of the main reasons we wanted Becca to participate. She is genuine and remembers that it's the readers who she write for every day! Thanks Becca!

    Dave and the rest of The Gang

  6. Wow, what an awesome way to kick things off. I look forward to reading Hush, Hush. It is on my Christmas list I have passed out so who knows?

  7. OHmygoodness, that is SO exciting that you got Becca Fitzpatrick to host the Nook contest! You guys mega rock, as does Becca. YAY this is awesome!

  8. Wonderful news, Becca is so generous, not to mention talented!