Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Gang Has Been Working Hard For You.... READ ON, A SUPER CONTEST IS ON THE WAY!

Yes, we have been hard at work for you guys, and yes it has paid off!  We will get to that in a minute.... First a few words...

As far as the winners for the Mega Contest are concerned, those who have submitted your information as we requested will hopefully have your books real soon!  As for those of you who have not responded, we sent out a reminder email to whomever we could find an email address for (we didn't spend hours looking, sorry).  We will hold your prizes for another week (next weekend) and then decide whether to pick different winners or what to do.

We also have some reviews coming up.  We have had a long, busy week as we are sure you all have due to the holidays.  Regardless, we have been reading and will have some posts up shortly.

NOW... what have we been working on for you guys?

We have dropped little hints here and there, but for fun, ask yourself this, "If I LOVED to read, what would make my life so much easier and be such a cooler way to read??"

(Jeopardy music playing in background)

Ok, give up??
We have mentioned before that we were working on a special surprise for you guys.  Yes, we had a "Mega" contest, but what defines "Mega?"
Is it giving away a bunch of books?  Is it giving away an awesome gift card? Perhaps.... but would, let's say... an E-Reader giveaway be considered a "Mega" contest?

If so, then we guess you are in the right place.  Yup, we did it.  We secured a donation of a brand new "NOOK", the brand new E-Reader from Barnes and Noble.  

Yes, a brand new "Nook" will be given away at The Lateiner Gang Book Review Spot.  THIS IS NOT THE CONTEST ENTRY POST, SO DO NOT PUT YOUR ENTRIES HERE!!!

We will probably post the contest later on this weekend, but here is what has occurred...  We have found a VERY generous sponsor, who wishes to remain anonymous (for now we hope) who is willing to give a Nook to one of our lucky readers!  This is not any kind of "corporate sponsored" giveaway.  Nope, it is an individual who believes very much in the power of books, the power of reading, and the power of knowledge.  For this reason, they have agreed to do this.  

There are some kinks we are trying to work out.  First of all, the Nook is so back ordered that even if you were to pre order one today for yourself, it would not ship until mid January (currently Jan 15th!).  Therefore, we are going to estimate that whomever does win, will probably not see the Nook until early February.  Also, we are trying to figure out exactly what the "entry" requirements will be.  This is a Super Contest, so we want to make sure we set the rules right the first time (and also somehow a bit easier on us this time around!)

Keep your eyes glued to our site, because we will be posting the SUPER CONTEST for the new Barnes and noble Nook e-reader before the weekend is up!

What Would YOU do for a Klondike Bar?

So, as many of you know, we always end our author interviews with our signature "Lateiner Gang" question.... "What would you do (authors name) for a Klondike Bar?? 

Well, there was some breaking news in the klondike bar to-do's...Apparently, they ran out of foil, (yes this was a very important event!) which was used to wrap each individual bar.  It is temporarily being replaced with plastic wrappers.  Below, klondike is apologizing for the inconvenience it is causing us all!  We thought it was important news for of 2 reasons.. 1. because its newz you just NEED to know, right? and 2. because it tells you that the Gang actually keeps klondike bars in their freezer.  Here is a pic of the "temp" wrapper that we pulled out of the box: (click on image to blow it up to be able to read it more clearer)

As always- questions, comments, concerns, invitations for the Gang to your birthday party.... email us

The Lateiner Gang


  1. Wow - you guys secured a nook! That is awesome! That is definitely a contest I'll be entering. :-)
    Hope your Holiday preparations are going well.

  2. you guys are the best i will definitely be keeping an eye out for the contest post.

  3. Allow me to post some huge HTML ridden text on your site here guys but


    You guys seriously are amazing. Not only does your gang host amazing contests, you guys write amazing reviews, and are super nice!

    Tell me, are you a gang of book loving super heroes? (If you are ... can I be one too!? hehe)

    (Find the Time to Read)

  4. I've been wondering where the Lateiner Gang has been. I'm used to someone posting something almost every day or every other day, but everyone's been quiet lately.

    This whole contest to win a Nook is absolutely incredible. I've never used an E-reader, but I want to try one out before I swear them off. I'll keep an eye out for the contest.

    I hope everyone is well and the phone situation has been sorted out.


  5. Ooooh! This sounds like the perfect follow-up to your Mega-Contest! Anyone who loves to read would love to get a free E-reader. I mean, at least I do.

    Sorry I've been kind of MIA. I don't really care about that Candor contest you guys put up, but when you post the rules for entering this one, you know I'm there! ^_^

    Can't wait for my prize to come in the mail some time soon.