Sunday, November 22, 2009

"Sunday Scoop" The Gang's Weekly Column



Hey Everyone!  This Scoop is going to be super short in an effort to continue to work on the contest.  Here's what is going on.  Throughout the contest, we tried to remind everyone several times that a requirement to being eligible to win is that you must be a "follower" of our site.  Well, as it turns out, not everyone were good little contest entering fairies.  I have been working on the contest for 4 hours so far today around our Sunday required errands.  With well over 1000 entries, this is becoming a mess.  Every time someone is not a "follower", and there are enough out there that are not, I have to search the entire list and find every entry they posted.  This is causing me to have to go back and re count the entries every time.  I am only appx halfway done with the list.  I have not even got to the fun part of using to select the winning #'s to match up to you guys.  I apologize for all of you who followed the instructions.  I feel horrible, but I just can not finish it tonight.  I will try to have it done tomorrow night, but I am still working on Sami's project as well.  Either way, it will be done shortly.  I can not believe the amount of entries that we received!  It is overwhelming.  I guess that is a good thing.  Anyway, Thanks for all your support and patience.  I really do appreciate it.

In the Mean time, we have posted a review, interview, and new contest for"Candor" by Pam Bachorz.  Please check them out and stop by and enter to win a signed ARC of 'Candor", which I absolutely LOVED and know that you will too!


We have been approached by several companies as well as marketing sites that want us to promote products and sites as well as a TON of GIVEAWAY CONTESTS!  The problem was, that we did not want to compromise the integrity of our book review site.  That was started and continues to be run on the basis of our love for books.  It is not appropriate for us to start doing all of these other giveaways and contests on the site.  So, what we are doing, is creating a very similar (looks exactly like our current book review site) site that will be for all of our other reviews, giveaways, contests, etc. for you guys.  We definitely want to be able to do this stuff for you, but made the decision to keep the sites separate.  This way we can continue with business as usual at the book review site, and still offer you guys chances to win a ton of other cool stuff.  When we officially launch the new site, we will ask all of you to kindly head over to the new "sister" site, sign up to follow, and get ready to win stuff!  Although we are all going to participate in the additional site, it will be Mara's "baby".  We really do appreciate all of you spending time at our site and being part of something we love!  That is why we decided to create this new site.  I can not give you the name yet, as it is still being worked on, but its similar to what we have now...  and it will look basically, exactly the same!  We hope you will enjoy it.


Sorry guys, this scoop is short and without too much of the usual stuff.  I apologize, as there were things that everyone wanted to contribute, but it's late, the girls have to go to sleep, and I need a break from the computer today!  I hope you all understand.  So, keep your eyes open over the next day or so for the contest winners, the new unveiling of our "sister" site, and some cool reviews.  Lauryn has been dying to review "New Moon" the book, so when she does, it would be great if you guys would check it out and help build some confidence for her.  She loves to write, but always feels like her reviews are not "good enough" for the site.  I disagree and think they are wonderful, and hopefully you will too!

Thanks so much!



  1. Cool news about the sister site. I personally, cannot wait for Lauryn's review of New Moon :D

  2. Great news about the sis site. I am working on something like that too. The Couch Critic. It is a work in progress. Happy counting.


  3. I understand the issues with the teeny contest I hold. I hope you get it sorted for your sanity! Good luck with the new site!

  4. It will be awesome to see a sister site and I'm happy you decided to maintain this site as a 'book only' site. I'm looking forward to the unveil.

    Good luck with tallying up entries. I'm sure I'll have fun with my tiny contest once it ends.

    :D Nikki

    And I'm really looking forward to Lauryn's review. I'm sure it is more than blog-worthy.

  5. cool cant wait to see who the winners are and the sister site. Also can't wait for lauryns review.

  6. I appreciate all of the hard work you are doing for this contest! I'm a little worried because although your blog is definately listed on my "followed blogs" on my profile when you click on my picture (or rather the picture of my dog!) evvery time I come to your site, it doesn't automatically show me that I follow....if that makes any sense at all.

    Yours is the only site that happens to me on. Weird, but I suppose nothing I can do. I definately follow because you blog pops up under blogs I am following in my google RSS reader. I promise I am a good contestee!

    Sorry for's late and I'm tired!!

    Good Luck to everyone!!

  7. Jenn M.
    I don't know about google RSS feeder, but if you click on follow on the right sidebar, and sign up to follow that way, it will definitely work. It's also weird that when I click on your name it goes right to your site rather than your profile.


  8. Good luck tallying up the winners. It must be pretty hard work. ~,~

    That's a good idea, keeping the contests and giveaways separate from the book reviews. Hope it's as neat as this site.

    Lauryn, you'll write an awesome review for New Moon. How can you not when the book is so good? (You'll include that you saw the movie as well, right? If not, that's fine too. Just an idea.)

  9. Dave~ That's how I followed in the first place. It's quite odd. So it does weird stuff for you too then. Hmmm. My name is over -----> there in the followers box :)

  10. Okay Dave....sorry to be a royal pain in the behind....but I think I figured it out. When I comment, I am using the Name/URL option because I have a wordpress blog. I think that is what is creating the problem. Because I type in my URL myself, it goes there instead of my profile page.

    It was doing the same thing when I clicked on my follower picture and that was totally my fault. I had a box clicked that shouldn't have been.

    Gosh I can be so computer illiterate sometimes! I think blogging stuff can be so confusing!!!

    Thanks for letting me know! I think i fixed part of it...and as for the wordpress/blogger's beyond me :) Again...sorry to be a hassle!

  11. I don't have as many entrants to my giveaways, but know what a headache it is to have to sort through them because some don't follow the rules.

    I can't wait for the "sister" site!