Thursday, November 19, 2009


The Lateiner Gang's Mega Contest is down to it's last 2 days!  If you haven't entered umm, like what are you waiting for?!?!

If you have, you have 2 days left to read and comment on our posts for your extra entries.

To read the rules and enter the contest, click HERE.

Plenty more coming from the Gang as soon as the contest is over, and who knows maybe a surprise review/interview before it ends!

OF COURSE, we wouldn't be The Lateiner Gang if we didn't already have our next contest planned, right?  As soon as the Mega baby is over, we will post our next giveaway so stay tuned.

What reviews should you look forward to?  Well, let's see, we have...
The Everafter
City of Bones
The Time Traveler's Wife
Girl in the Arena
Seven Rays
Beautiful Creatures
The Lemonade War (Sami)
The Unusual Mind of Vincent Shadow (Sami)
Alvor (Lauryn)
New Moon (Lauryn)
Candor (including an interview with the talented new breakout author Pam Bachorz)

For Lauryn, waiting so patiently (YEAH RIGHT! We had to buy tickets yesterday for tomorrow!) and the rest of you 5 million crazy, drooling women out there....

(We were going to put up a pic of Dave also, but we figured we should give Mr. Pattinson his few minutes of uninterrupted fame)

The Lateiner Gang will be at the theater tomorrow at 6pm (for a 7pm showing!)

Now that we got that out of the way, let us bring you back down to earth and remind you to get your last minute entries to the contest in.

Thank you to all the publishers who contributed to our Mega Contest and thank you to all of you guys & gals out there who entered and who continue to support us.

Winners will be announces in a special way (if you want to know how before we announce them, check out the last "Sunday Scoop") so check back in 2 days!



  1. I am a little confused because the first post and the rules for the Mega Contest to which you direct everyone says the contest runs until November 28th which is 9 days away. But this post says that the Mega Contest is over in 2 days. I want to get this right because I posted your Mega Contest on my sidebar as ending 11/28

    If you could let me know whether the ending date is 11/28 or 2 days from now, so 11/22 I would really appreciate it! Thank you!

    ~ Amy

  2. Amy,

    Thanks for noticing. Initially we had the contest ending on the 28th, however in one of the posts soon after ( I dont remember which one) we changed the date to the 22nd as we were getting emails that the contest was too long. Sorry for the confusion. Good news is the winners will be picked sooner than expected!


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  4. It's almost over!!!!
    I hope you guys enjoy New Moon. I saw it Wednesday, and it was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jacob is a million times more swoon worthy than Edward. :-) Enjoy!

  5. Mara, you should have went to the Twimom event in New York tonight. :D Peter and Kellan were there- swoon. Cant wait to read the upcoming reviews.

    (I agree Brizmus)

  6. Congrats on such a turn out (I hope for your giveaway). I put another shout out on my blog and tweeted it again. Have not seen the new movie yet. My students have all been talking about it so I know I will. Just not sure when I can fit it in.
    Sandra @
    Musings of a Book Addict

  7. God, I want to read The Everafter so badly but I IS BROKE LIKE AN OLD SIDEWALK!

  8. I'm still recuperating from my midnight viewing last night - have fun!

  9. I still haven't gotten my prize :'(

  10. I can't wait to see what you think of Shiver and The Time Traveler's Wife (did you see the movie?). I'm working on my Shiver review (loved it!) and my review of TTTW is on my blog :D

    I can't wait to see what Lauryn thinks of New Moon (the book).

    I am hoping to see New Moon either this weekend or next. I NEED to see Jacob on the big screen!

  11. I'm looking forward to seeing all the new reviews, especially Lauryn's review of New Moon. It was my favorite book in the series and I'm seeing the movie in about 14 hours, so I'm pretty amped up for it.

    Thanks for an awesome contest!! I'm happy you were able to reach nearly 400 followers.

    :D Nikki