Monday, September 14, 2009

Book Review: Ruby's Diary Reflections On All I've Lost and Gained by Ruby Gettinger

Ruby Gettinger, the endearing and beloved star of The Style Network's hit reality show Ruby, reveals the most private aspects of her life-altering journey to conquer morbid obesity and to attain health and happiness in this inspirational book based on her personal diary

From the debut of The Style Network's number one reality show Ruby, viewers fell in love with its sweet and spirited Southern star, and remain mesmerized by her public mission to overcome her inner conflicts and win her ongoing battle with weight.

At her heaviest, Ruby weighed more than 700 pounds. Although she wasn't quite sure how she got to this point—or why—one thing was clear: it was killing her. Her doctor warned that her diabetes was raging out of control and that she could die at any moment. Vowing to change her life to save it, Ruby made a genuine commitment to uncover all of the underlying physical and psychological causes of her food addiction—an act of courage that has helped her lose nearly 400 pounds so far! To support her on this difficult path, Ruby has kept a journal of her experiences, including intimate reflections, surprising discoveries, and current fears, hopes, and dreams, many of which she shares here.

Filled with honesty, optimism, and classic "Rubyisms" as well as revealing insights from her friends, family, and team of experts, Ruby's Diary is a remarkable record of one determined woman's complex challenges and her many laudable achievements. Ruby's perseverance is not only an example to all those battling their own weight and addiction issues, it is an example to all those grappling with personal obstacles of any kind. Anyone not in love with Ruby just hasn't met her yet!

My Review:

I was so "hacky" (No it's not a misprint! After reading the book you will understand!) when this book came to my doorstep. I am so fond of Ruby and her heart, that I could not wait to tear right into the pages of her diary and hear Ruby's heartfelt true inner feelings. Let me just say, Ruby did not disappoint! She is honest and real, all you want to do while reading through the pages is jumping jacks every time she accomplishes a goal. Everyone that enters Ruby's world is touched by her- and they see far beyond her weight. Her journey is not just shedding the excess pounds, it is to discover what led her to put the weight on, and possibly fill in the missing pieces of her childhood that she amazingly has no recollection of. Ruby does not hesitate to disclose her dark moments and is brutally honest when sharing her feelings. Her journey is teaching Ruby to become a healthier individual who is now in control of her own life. She is learning to make the right choices, no matter how difficult they may be. Ruby is relatable, she discusses that she also encounters set backs too.

I particularly enjoyed all of the personal notes and stories shared to us by Ruby's family and friends. It seems as though Ruby has impacted each and every one of their lives in her own unique way. She even introduced her friend Greg to the woman he would later marry. Greg spotted a sales girl at The Gap, and wanted Ruby's opinion. Fearless, she marched right into the store and Ruby manufactured a conversation using her southern charm. Seventeen years later and seven children, Greg and his wife are still happily married! Ruby is also changing the lives of the ones closest to her. They have formed a bond, and agreed to join Ruby on her journey. As a result, they have become more active and healthier too. Her friends are so devoted to Ruby, and you can really tell that they are such wonderful positive people just like her. Ruby is so fortunate to be surrounded around amazing family and friends.

After reading the book cover to cover, I was left wanting more. I can't wait to learn the next chapter of Ruby's future accomplishments. Not only does Ruby believe that there are great things to come, I know it too! She is such an inspirational person who is strong and committed to conquering this beast. I can't wait to see her achieve it!

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  1. Oh I love her show and really would love to read this book :)

  2. This sounds like an inspirational good feeling book. Thanks for the review.

  3. I'm so glad that you reviewed this book. I've been debating about buying a copy. Hey - maybe you could put this one up for grabs? LOL - if you do...I'll be entering!

  4. This sounds like a great inspirational book! I've never seen the show, but it still interests me. Nice review!

  5. This book sounds really inspirational and moving. It looks interesting. I'll have to check it out, Thanks for the review!

  6. I absolutely adore Ruby! And I watch her show whenever I can (dont have dvr) and my friend and I actually play her theme song while on the treadmill when we're having one of those terrible, very bad, no good days and wanna quit workouts. It never fails us :)
    Cant wait to read this book & thnx 4 the review.
    and I agree Mara, Ruby is so honest and real u cant help but feel like she's really ur friend!