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Blog Tour: "Bran Hambric: The Farfield Curse" by Kaleb Nation

The Bran Hambric Tour is Here!

Bran Hambric was found alone in a locked bank vault when he was six years old. He doesn't have a clue how he got there, or any memory of his past. There's only one explanation: MAGIC. But magic is outlawed in the great and glorious City of Dunce.

Eight years later, a twisted, hissing creature confronts Bran and his foster father, Sewey, on their rooftop. Sewey believes its a gnome, but not Bran. (Sewey isn't the brightest Duncelander to begin with.) Bran soon discovers that whatever leapt onto his roof is connected to the mother he never knew... and that Bran himself is the missing link in a plot so secret and evil that those behind it will stop at nothing to hunt him down.

Armed with wands and weapons, Bran's enemies are about to attack-- with all the power of a horrible curse and a terrible crime. Magic won't be the only law broken in the City of Dunce...

Hanging outside the city of Dunce was a sign that read:


SInce there are already many reviews of Bran out there describing the story in detail, we thought we would change the format a bit and explain what it was about "Bran" that enticed the 4 of us to read it. What was so special about it? Very simply put...Fun!

Kaleb Nation has done an amazing job with Bran Hambric. At first we thought this was going to be a boiler plate story about a boy who has magical powers and saves the world, whichever world it was he lived in. Not the case! Bran is different. Much.

Filled with raw humor, powerful magic, and and a cast of characters so unique, some of them worthy of their own story, "Bran Hambric" is sure to reel you in and keep you hooked from cover to cover.

Bran discovers that he has magical powers. Unlike anyone else with powers, his are special. In fact, he might just possess more magic than anyone else alive! While learning to deal with his new found powers, he must also confront many issues. There is an evil spirit trapped with Bran that wants nothing more than to be released, paired up with its old physical body, to complete and old curse that was left undone, a dark curse that could blanket the world with evil. Bran has to find within himself whether he wants to use his powers for the benefit of good or evil.

"Bran Hambric" contains comedy, magic, love, hate, new friendships and most enjoyable, mystery. As he enters rooms filled with books explaining the different types of mages, or people who are capable of magical powers, you will find yourself choosing which type you wish you were.

A fun book to read, you will definitely become an instant fan and mark your calendars for the release of the next installment. We did! Great Job Kaleb! We loved the book so much, we went out and bought a second copy so we were able to give one away. Definitely a book that we can see ourselves re reading right before book 2 comes out. That is the great news, Kaleb plans to write Bran into a series. We can not wait to see what adventure he will go on next, what new powers he will discover he has, what evil he will face, and quite honestly, we want to see what the original cast of characters are up to as well as who Kaleb will introduce to us next!

Thanks to Kaleb for putting this book in our hands. To sum it up, we loved it. Being so young, Kaleb will be an author that we all read for quite some time to come. What will he come up with next? Not sure, but we can't wait to find out!

If you are interested in reading "Bran Hambric: The Farfield Curse", look below as we are giving away a copy of the book as well as a special necklace that is worn by Bran in the book and very significant in the story. Please feel free to enter as we would love to share the wealth with you!


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  1. I would love to win this book. Hoping IM posting in the right place!

  2. I saw this book at Barnes and Noble last night and thought it looked really good. I'll definately be sharing it with my students.

  3. Do not enter me - I have it and read it (although the necklace does sound super cool....)

    I am just here to applaud your review and say nicely done!

  4. I'd love to read this book - please count me in!

  5. OOPS! Just noticed that I already commented on the correct post! Please ignore above comment.