Sunday, July 5, 2009

Getting Up & Running!

Well, The Lateiner Gang is trying to get this site up and running. We are almost there! So many books read, and so much content to fill. One step at a time. This site will be a work in progress, but it is our passion and goal to get it up and going. The reading is the easy part. We have so many books and reviews we want to share with you and so many more we look forward to as we aim to stay current on our readings and look forward to plenty of existing titles we haven't read yet and plenty of new ones coming out that we plan to read. As well, we have so many exciting ideas that we plan to incorporate into this site, we just hope you will all love it! (And of course we will try and consistently launch cool contests and giveaways!). Keep watching and don't give up on us, we are coming, and coming full steam ahead! Any questions, suggestions, or ideas for us, please fell free to email us @

Best Regards,
The Lateiner Gang
(David, Mara, Lauryn, & Sami)

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