Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Forsaken by Lisa M. Stasse Signed Copy Giveaway!!


The Forsaken
Lisa M. Stasse

We told you guys about our new review site. We told you that we were going to have some exciting stuff going on there. We told you there would be Giveaways out the WaZoo. We told you that if you were a follower of TLGBRS, membership would have its privileges! Here. We. Go!!

We have included a special entry for all you TLGBRS followers that automatically gives you a 5 entry head start! Head over to our new site and check out the giveaway for one signed copy of "The Forsaken" by Lisa M. Stasse, grab your exclusive special entries, and enter to win! The link below will take you to our new site where the giveaway is posted so you can also check out our review of "The Forsaken" as well as an interview with Lisa.

Thanks a million for supporting us through the years and we look forward to many more together with all of you!

Dave and Mara

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